We offer holistic, advanced and beauty treatments for all occasions, including pamper packages for special events.


The Ziggy Bergman ‘Zone Face Lift’



The Zone Face Lift promotes a kinder holistic approach to helping you naturally look your best.

A workout for the face and mind, Pressure point massage, facial reflexology, quartz crystals and healing herbs form the basis of the facial. This powerful combination is used to stimulate the skin’s collagen and elastin under the epidermis. 

A natural take on a face lift, the Zone Face Lift sculpts the neck line, smooths, lifts, tightens and plumps the skin, leaving you with a glowing complexion after just one facial. A non-invasive treatment, it’s based on the principle that Reflex points on your face are connected to every area of your body, and that stimulating the Reflexes helps to balance the corresponding body parts.

For many women, this will eliminate the need for Botox and offers a natural alternative to dermal fillers. It’s all about ageing well.

The Dr Sebagh Signature Facial

75 mins


Renowned within the field of cosmetic treatments and with more than 30 years of expertise, Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh and his team of fellow doctors lead the way in anti-ageing procedures and treatments.

Beautifully tailored to the needs of your skin, each step of this treatment is expertly designed to leave you looking rested and radiant and your skin glowing with renewed vitality. The treatment begins with a short consultation with your facialist to discuss current skin care regime and identify specific concerns. Our in-house facialist will then use products from the Dr Sebagh Advanced Skin Care range, focusing on layering and the application of  ‘multi-masks’, expertly chosen to suit your skin’s needs.

The treatment includes lymphatic drainage to assist detoxification and promote blood flow and a signature ‘muscle workout for the skin’, which focuses on lifting and firming the muscle layer beneath the skin to define and firm the contours of the face.

The Collagen Boost Facial

75 mins


Our most advanced skin treatment combining Microneedling and freezing Cryo-Oxygen. Our Microneedling roller is a hugely effective skin rejuvenation tool. It works by creating microscopic channels in the skins epidermal layer, encouraging the skin to create more collagen and elastin. This also allows for the topical infusion of powerful serums into the skin where it’s health begins. Freezing Cryo-Oxygen then plumps and freshens the skin, leaving a youthful and firmer complexion after the first treatment.

Collagen Boost facial benefits

  • A complete skin rejuvenation.
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production at a cellular level.
  • Repairs visible scars.
  • Delivers deep penetration of the active treatment serums into the skin layers, therefore plumping and smoothing lines and wrinkles.
  • Provides oxygen to all levels of the skin, ensuring more hydrated skin.
  • Reverses sun damage and pigmentation.
  • Firmer and brighter skin after first treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

You will notice firmer and brighter skin immediately after just one treatment, however we do recommend a course of 5 treatments to maintain these wonderful results.

Please note this treatment is not suitable for those who are pregnant, have high blood pressure, epilepsy, pacemakers or diabetes.

The Oxygen Glow Facial

60 mins


Breathe life into your skin. As we age, Oxygen levels in our skin deplete, leaving it with less elasticity fine lines and wrinkles. Oxygen therapy technology is the answer. Freezing Cryo-Oxygen is used in combination with powerful Hyaluronic Acid and Microdermabrasion to reach the dermal layer of the skin, plumping and rebalancing to make skin brighter, smoother and intensely hydrated. This treatment is perfect event preparation!

Oxygen Facial benefits

  • Oxygen Therapy is a sophisticated and clinically proven treatment that delivers pulsed oxygen to the skin’s dermal layer, where skin health, elasticity and firmness begin.
  • Instantly plumps fine lines and wrinkles, smooths and rebalances.
  • Fresher, brighter and intensely hydrated skin.
  • Can help with acne prone skin due to the anti bacterial properties of the serum.
  • A celebrity favourite pre-event procedure. Delivers an instant glow with no downtime.

How many treatments will I need?

You will notice glowing, brighter skin after just one treatment, however to maintain these results we recommend a course of 5 treatments.

Please note this treatment is not suitable for those who are pregnant, have high blood pressure, epilepsy, pacemakers or diabetes.


Deluxe Microdermabrasion

60 mins


A cleansing facial combined with microdermabrasion technology. Microdermabrasion crystals work to resurface the skin, resulting in a smoother, brighter texture with an even tone. A high speed flow of tiny crystals are directed onto the skin. With their abrasive nature, the epidermal and dead skin cell layers are removed, making way for softer, renewed skin.

Microdermabrasion benefits

  • Microdermabrasion technology provides immediate and visible results for a wide variety of skin concerns.
  • Minimises lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces open pores, blackheads, blemish and acne scars.
  • Skin is resurfaced, and becomes smoother and softer with an improved appearance.

Please note this treatment is not suitable for those who are pregnant, have high blood pressure, epilepsy, pacemakers or diabetes.Skincare


REN Bespoke Facial

60 mins


Radiance, Clarifying or Anti-Ageing. Using REN skincare, we work with your individual skin concerns to deeply cleanse, purify and exfoliate, leaving skin restored and replenished. This bespoke facial is completely tailored to your skins needs.


REN Speedy Facial

30 mins

A re-energising express facial for radiant skin in minimum time.

The Vitamin C Facial

60 mins

Using cult products from REN and Dr Sebagh, this facial combines our tried and tested techniques, to give you glowing and radiant skin. Vitamin C is bursting with antioxidants! It evens out the skin tone, reduces hyperpigmentation and protects from the damage caused by pollution.

– The skin is cleansed to remove dirt and make up followed by a scrub and mask packed with Glycolic Acid which naturally resurfaces the skin by lifting dead skin cells and unblocking pores.
– AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) is then applied topically to smooth and brighten the skin.
– A plumping facial massage then boosts blood circulation and sculpts the cheekbones before pure Vitamin C powder is applied to end the treatment, mixed in with the moisturiser or serum best suited to your skin type.


Harness the amazing power of LED technology to rejuvenate, clarify and rescue your skin!

‘The Skin Light’ uses pioneering skincare technology providing a natural, completely safe and non-invasive method of transforming your skin health with clinically proven results!

How does it work?

Energy is delivered deep into the skin cells, encouraging either rejuvenation and collagen production with yellow light or the rescue of blemish prone skin with powerful blue light.
Completely safe – LED therapy has long been used in hospitals to treat a range of skin conditions.

Not only does the LED light rejuvenate and repair your skin, studies have shown it can enhance mood and lower levels of anxiety! It really is the perfect express skin & mind pick-me-up!

Rejuvenate LED Treatment (Yellow Light)

Boost – Hydrate – Brighten – Plump – Glow


20 mins

Blemish LED Treatment (Blue Light)

Anti-Bacterial – Calm – Cleanse – Correct – Acne Prone Skin


20 mins

For best results we recommend a course of 6 LED Treatments – £175


The Relaxing Rose Ritual

150 mins


Heavenly REN Moroccan Rose uplifts the spirit and soothes the mind for a total feeling of serenity. This wonderfully indulgent treatment combines a facial, head massage and relaxing full body massage.


The Ultimate Aromatherapy Associates Experience

75 mins


Relax and De-Stress. Revive and Support. Renew and Enrich.


The Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience combines the power of pure essential oils with a specialised massage drawn from the traditions of both East and West, concentrating on the back, scalp, face, neck, shoulders and feet.


After an initial consultation with one of our therapists, you’ll choose an essential oil from Aromatherapy Associates’ 13 exclusive blends. Essential oils are absorbed through the skin, working at a physical level while the aromatic effects of each blend balance the mind and emotions through the sense of smell.


Luxury Face & Body Massage

£70 / £95
60 mins / 90 mins


A deeply relaxing and uplifting treatment. An invigorating full body and Indian head massage, followed by a facial cleanse and massage leaves the mind, body and soul refreshed. Choose either an hour, or hour and a half treatment.


Bespoke Body Massage

60 mins


An indulgent full body massage customised by our experienced therapists to your personal needs. Vitality, relaxation or muscle aches, each massage provides a unique experience.


Deep Tissue Massage

£45 / £70
30 mins / 60 mins


A strong massage to relieve muscle tension and improve concerns in areas caused by daily stress or sports. Perfect for active bodies.



Back Massage

£45 / £55
30 mins / 45 mins


Working specifically into muscle tissues in the back to encourage full relaxation and knot release.


Mamma Massage

60 mins


A deeply relaxing full body massage to reduce maternity stress on the body by stimulating blood circulation, lightening legs, reducing lower body water retention and relieving tension. This massage skilled safe pre-natal techniques to relax the whole body as well as that beautiful bump.


Head Massage

30 mins


An Indian inspired head, scalp, neck and shoulder massage to relieve tension and ease stress.



50 mins


An ancient Chinese technique that uses foot massage to encourage the relaxed flow of energy throughout the whole body.


LVL Lash Lift         


40 mins

Length, Volume, Lift Lashes with our LVL Lash Lift. The best way to enhance your lashes, for a natural but defined look, with no extensions needed! Perfect before a holiday or for anyone who doesn’t like wearing mascara

A relaxant is applied to lashes to lengthen them before curling and setting them into a more defined and open shape of your choice. Tint is then applied to darken and enhance natural lashes. 

Results last 6-8 weeks. 

Please call to book as a 24 hr patch test is required prior to tinting.


Full Set of Semi-Permanent Lashes

90 mins

Lash Perfect semi-permanent lashes give a naturally full look to your lashes. These are individually applied to your natural lash and tailored to the look you wish to achieve.

Maintenance for semi-permanent Lashes

45 mins

Recommended every 2 to 3 weeks.


see below
Eye Lash Tint
Eye Brow Tint
Lash and Brow Tint
£20 30 mins
£12 10 mins
£30 30 mins

Please note that a 24-hour skin test prior to first tinting treatment is required.

Brow Lamination

£65  40 mins

The latest in beauty technology. Brow Lamination creates fuller, thicker, ‘brushed -up’ lookign brows. A relaxant is applied to eyebrows to straighten and lengthen the hairs, before brushing them up and setting into place to create more defined and groomed brows. Tint is then applied to darken and create more volume, filling in any gaps and lengthening the shape of the brow.

Results last 6-8 weeks.

Please note –  a tint patch test if required 24 hours before booking


Please remember to book in for a Gel Polish Removal if you would like these removed in your treatment.

Speedy Manicure

£27 35 mins
Gel £35

Cuticle tidy, file and polish of your choice.

Choice of OPI or Kure Bazaar Polish.

Speedy Pedicure

£30 35 mins
Gel £37

Foot soak, cuticle tidy and polish of your choice.

Choice of OPI or Kure Bazaar Polish.

Luxury Spa Manicure

£37  60 mins
Gel £47

Cuticle tidy and nail shape, followed by a relaxing hand exfoliation and massage to soften the hands. Followed by a polish of your choice.

Choice of OPI or Kure Bazaar Polish.

Luxury Spa Pedicure

£45 60 mins
Gel £52

Foot soak, scrub and hard skin eliminated. Followed by a relaxing massage, cuticle tidy, file and polish of your choice.

Choice of OPI or Kure Bazaar Polish.

Callus Treatment


A skin softening treatment for smooth and renewed feet. Includes cuticle tidy and file, finished off with a hydrating cream application. Polish excluded.


French Polish
Callus Removal
Artistic Colour Gloss Polish Removal
Strengthening Gel Aftercare OPI Polish
Speedy Mani & Pedi,
Speedy Gel Mani & Pedi
£10 10 mins
£10 10 mins
£10 10 mins
£8 10 mins



Brow Shape
Lip or Chin
Lip + Chin
Sides of the face
£15 10 mins
£12 10 mins
£22 15 mins
£15 10 mins


£25 20 mins
£40 30 mins
£45 30 mins


Full Arm
Half Arm
Half Leg
Full Leg
Other area(s)
£15 15 mins
£25 25 mins
£20 20 mins
£30 30 mins
£40 40 mins


Chest + Back
Back + Shoulder
£35 20 mins
£35 20 mins
£50 40 mins
£40 30 mins


The perfect gift for a loved one, or yourself


150 mins

Enjoy a Luxury Pedicure and Speedy Manicure followed by either: Bespoke Body Massage or a Bespoke Facial.


135 mins

The perfect indulgent gift for a Mamma-to-be. Involves all of the following: Mamma Massage ( 30 mins ), Speedy Facial ( 30 mins ), Speedy Manicure, Speedy Pedicure.

Facial Treatment Course Bundle

Buy 5 facials for the price of 4

  • Oxygen Glow Facial
  • Collagen Boost Facial
  • Deluxe Microdermabrasion
  • Dr Sebagh Signature Facial
  • Zone Face Lift

Treatment Course Deal

Buy 6 of the same treatment for the price of 5

  • REN Bespoke Facial
  • Massage
  • Beauty
  • Nails
  • Waxing

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