Flexi Skin Tools

” Feel great in your own skin! With Flexi skin tools”

Flexi was created by sisters Gilly and Linsey, owners of Angelica Retreat, North London’s Advanced Skin and Body Specialists.

We love seeing the transformative results that our treatments offer in the Spa environment; from Microneedling facials, to freezing Cryo Oxygen…clients are hooked on our technically advanced, instant, and non-invasive skin treatments with minimal downtime and maximum results. After these treatments our clients feel so empowered and confident, and for us nothing feels better than to see them feeling great in their own skin.

Our mission is to help you feel great in your own skin!

Flexi uses our invaluable Skincare knowledge and training to create tools for at home use, that mimic results seen in our most technically Advanced Facials.

Facial muscles need to be exercised and strengthened in order to keep them toned and sculpted, much like the muscles in your body remain flexible and strong from exercise ( hence our name ‘Flexi’! )

Muscle Stimulation, Massage, Exfoliation and Lymphatic Drainage form Flexi’s core principles and the basis of any great facial.

Flexi Tools use the core principles of massage, muscle stimulation, exfoliation and lymphatic drainage to promote collagen production, regenerate skin cells, and drain away excess fluids and puffiness…resulting in glowing, toned, more youthful looking skin!

The Sculptor


The Microneedler


The Cleanser


The Roller


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