Angelica Retreat

'Islington's Boutique Day Spa'


Renowned within the field of cosmetic treatments and with more than 30 years of expertise, Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh and his team of fellow doctors lead the way in anti-ageing procedures and treatments. Taking the knowledge and experience garnered from his now world-famous London clinic, Dr Sebagh and his team developed a line of advanced anti-ageing skincare that can be used to address skin concerns at home and support and assist in the skin’s natural cellular rejuvenation. Focusing on what skin really wants, the range of potent and effective products provides everything the skin needs to look beautiful and feel comfortable at any age.


The Signature Dr Sebagh Facial

We are proud to now offer the Dr Sebagh Signature Facial in Angelica Retreat.

Beautifully tailored to the needs of your skin, each step of this 75 minute treatment is expertly designed to leave you looking rested and radiant and your skin glowing with renewed vitality. The treatment begins with a short consultation with your facialist to discuss current skin care regime and identify specific concerns .Our in-house facialist will then use products from the Dr Sebagh Advanced Skin Care range, expertly chosen to suit your skin’s needs.

The treatment includes lymphatic drainage to assist detoxification and promote blood flow and a signature ‘muscle workout for the skin’, which focuses on lifting and firming the muscle layer beneath the skin to define and firm the contours of the face.

  • 75 minutes | £120.00